Firstly, congratulations!  It's amazing news that you are getting married and thanks for stopping by.

Wedding photography should be about capturing magic moments and that's what I strive to achieve! Put simply the day is all about you, months of preparation, table plans, flower, dress fittings are all for one day - you don't want the worry about photos as well!

I have put together three packages for you, they include a engagement photoshoot which will be a fun and informal get together before the pressures of the day.  We will go to a beautiful spot in Guernsey, just you two (and me of course!) away from all the hustle and bustle.  We will meet for a coffee beforehand so you can discuss your requirements and so I can get to know you then head out for the photoshoot.

All packages will also include a quick catch up before the big day so we can all make sure we know what's wanted and then you can hand it all over to me!

Sound good?  Well click on the submenus to the left to see what's included and let TMR Creations take some of the strain away from your day.